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6 Questions about CBD for Dogs Answered

  • 2 min read

CBD oil is a truly effective solution for a variety of problems that plague our canine friends. But with its newness comes questions about how CBD works and what kind of effects it could potentially have on your dog. Below, we tackle the 6 most asked questions about CBD for dogs to shed some light on this all-natural medicine.

1. Does CBD make your dog feel stoned?

Nope! Not even a little. CBD is a completely non-psychotropic compound. It is void of THC which is the psychotropic part of the CBD plant, so while CBD can relax your pup, that's the extent of its mood altering capabilities. There is not a single ingredient in CBD that could give your dog a "stoned" feeling. 

2. How does CBD work?

Humans and other mammals have specialized cannabis receptor sites. These receptors are primarily located in the brain and central nervous system, as well as in the peripheral organs, especially immune cells. Studies show that many cannabinoids have an anti-inflammatory effect and may be useful for pain, tumors, epilepsy, muscle cramps, skin disorders, loss of appetite, aggression, anxiety, and neurological disorders.

3. How can CBD help your dog?

CBD can help with chronic and acute conditions.

The chronic conditions in which CBD can be used include Arthritis, immune system weakness, stress reactions, aggression and indigestion; there are also ongoing studies on the effects of CBD oil on Type 1 Diabetes, Organ Disease and Cancer.

Veterinarians also discovered that CBD can be used to treat acute injuries such as sprains, strains, torn ligaments, broken bones and even follow-up surgeries to reduce swelling, pain and immobility.

4.Can CBD result in lower doses of medication for your pet?

Yes, if your dog receives conventional medication to relieve one of these conditions, with the administration of CBD, a lower dose of medication can be achieved. Conventional medications often have side effect that the addition of CBD to your pup's diet could diminish. 

5. How fast does CBD work?

As with any herbal medicine, you will probably see no immediate affect take place. You will have to be patient. Your dog may experience pain relief within a few hours, but other symptoms, such as inflammation, may take several days to show improvement. On the other hand, if you are treating your pup with CBD for anxiety then you may see a more relaxed pup in as little as an hour. In conclusion, the quickness of results is completely dependent on the condition you are using CBD to treat and the severity of that condition. 

6. Are there any side effects of CBD?

In short, it's very rare that your dog would experience any negative effects. The most common side effect of CBD is slight drowsiness – like if you were to give them a Benadryl. In rare cases, excessive pruritus and mild vomiting may be side effects, but these sensitivities are extremely rare. If your dog shows these symptoms, stop using CBD.

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