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CBD For Dogs: The Science Explained

  • 2 min read

More and more pet owners are considering trying CBD for their dogs because of the proven multitude of health benefits. It’s crucial for these owners to understand what CBD is, how it works, and its distinction from other CBD plants, like marijuana. It’s easy to get bogged down in the convoluted science, so let’s break it down so you can feel good knowing exactly what you’re giving your dog and how it works!

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in Cannabis Sativa, also known as CBD . Unlike the other active ingredient found in CBD, THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties.

How does CBD work?

Every being (human and dogs alike) has an endocannabinoid system (or ECS). This system works to regulate and oversee various physiological processes, including your dog’s mood, intestinal fortitude, immune activity, and how they experience pain, hunger, and more. It also works to help the body achieve homeostasis.

Bodies already have natural cannabinoids in them, which assure that the ECS works properly. The cannabinoids found in CBD mimic those found in dog and human bodies and work to stimulate and fortify the ECS. This, in turn, assures that the endocannabinoid system does its job as well as possible, making your dog happier and healthier.

Is CBD considered marijuana?

Nope! There are two types of Cannabis Sativa plants: CBD and marijuana. CBD plants have a high concentration of CBD and a relatively low amount of THC, whereas marijuana plants have the opposite.

Most CBD products are derived from CBD plants, providing higher volumes of CBD, easier THC removal, and more effective CBD oil. All dog owners need to know that when they administer CBD to their pets, they aren’t giving them marijuana or a substance that could make their dog high.


What's the bottom line?

CBD can help with such a wide variety of ailments because of its effect on the ECS, the system that regulates an extensive array of your dog's physiological processes. Overall, CBD is an all-natural, non-psychoactive treatment that mimics cannabinoids already found in bodies to help pets cope with anxiety, pain, digestive issues, seizures, and much more.


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