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Is CBD For Dogs The Same As CBD for Humans?

  • 2 min read

Is CBD For Dogs The Same As Human CBD?

Because CBD is one of the few medicines that work the same for dogs and humans alike, you might be tempted to use the same bottle to cure both you and your pup’s ailments. In theory, human and dog CBD are the same, at least ingredients-wise, but you might want to pause before sharing your CBD with your furry friend. Let’s go over the main differences between the two!


The number one difference between your CBD and your dogs is potency. Humans in the U.S. weigh on average 177 pounds, while the average dog weighs between 10 and 70 pounds. CBD efficacy is based on proper dosing. That means you're going to need a much stronger dose than your dog to feel the effects.

To compensate for the higher needs of CBD in people, CBD brands that cater to humans will often create a formula with a higher concentration of cannabinoids. Meaning if you decide to give your pup CBD designed for humans, you need to be extremely specific in your dosing, or you can give them way too much and cause them to become drowsy. We recommend that you purchase CBD exclusively for pets for a more controlled dose, but if you decide to try it out anyways, make sure you know the exact strength of your CBD before use.


Additionally, many CBD oils explicitly designed for humans contain THC, a hemp byproduct that is toxic to dogs. THC consumption in pets can result in urinary incontinence, tremors, seizures, and in very severe cases, coma. Because THC is not toxic to humans and can assist in relieving anxiety, a lot of CBD for humans list it as an ingredient. If, after speaking to a vet, you do decide to give your dog non-pet CBD, make sure it’s free of THC to avoid any adverse side effects listed above. Most trustworthy CBD companies should have a certificate of analysis (or COA) on their website that shows if it’s void of THC or not.


CBD for dogs and CBD for humans share mostly the same ingredients, but there are often differences between the two that can significantly impact your pet. While we always recommend CBD specifically designed for pets to ensure the safest use, if you have to use human CBD oil, make certain that you know the potency and THC content before giving it to your pet. Always consult your vet before use to make sure that it’s the right choice for your pet.

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