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Is CBD safe for dogs?

  • 2 min read

If you're a dog owner doing your own research on CBD, your top priority is likely determining the safety of CBD for pets. Because of its relative newness, there’s a lot of speculation surrounding CBD safety in general. Let’s settle it once and for all! Yes, CBD is perfectly safe for dogs, cats, and humans alike to consume! Let’s breakdown the why’s, how’s, and possible side effects. 


CBD for dogs is THC-free

The number one safety concern amongst dog owners is that CBD will get your pet “high.” That is an absolute falsehood. Most CBD products made for dogs lack the psychoactive ingredient (THC) in CBD that causes that high feeling. Thus, your dog should stay present, alert, and experience no psychoactive effects. With that said, make sure to check the Certificate of Analysis or COA from a third thirty to assure that the CBD is genuinely 100% THC-free. 


Let’s talk about side effects.

CBD has very few possible side effects. It’s possible that if dosed incorrectly, your dog could experience drowsiness or dry mouth. To avoid these symptoms, pet owners must make sure they are giving their dogs the accurate CBD dose for their size and weight. Compared to the possible effects of traditional medication, which can include stomach ulcers and liver damage, the side effects of CBD are much less severe. 


Overdosing is impossible.

Because CBD is associated with CBD, it’s a common misconception that overdose is possible. While it’s essential to properly dose your dog’s CBD to avoid adverse side effects, overdosing to the point of hospitalization is not possible. If your dog happens to break into the CBD treat bag or you misread the dosage, the most that they would experience is excessive drowsiness and thirst. 


CBD has all-natural ingredients.

If filler products and chemicals are a point of safety concern for pet owners, CBD might be the prime choice for treating their pets. Read the COA and do your research first, but high-quality CBD products should have very few ingredients, and they should all be easy to understand. For instance, Pet Standards CBD contains CBD and a carrier oil, which are the only two things necessary for cannabinoids to be effective. Plus, both ingredients are completely natural. Natural doesn’t always mean safer, but because CBD and carrier oils are already deemed safe for pet ingestion, you won’t have to worry about a third-party ingredient negatively affecting your pup.



CBD has proven itself to be absolutely safe for canine consumption. Side effects are infrequent and usually not serious. It’s always advisable for the highest amount of safety to start with a small amount of CBD and monitor your dog before increasing the dosage. Not all CBD is created equal, so make sure you do your research and find the highest quality product to help your pup.



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