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Is CBD Safe For Puppies?

  • 2 min read

Is CBD safe for puppies?

If your puppy suffers from anxiety, an injury, or digestive issues, you've probably looked into CBD options. Like any medication, it's vital to know what kind of pet makes a good candidate for CBD before use. When it comes to puppies, a common misconception is that they should avoid CBD usage until their adults, which is an absolute falsehood. CBD can help your puppy with a variety of issues and do so safely. This article will cover all of your questions about CBD for puppies, including when to use it, why it's safe, and if CBD interferes with your pup's other medications.

When should I consider CBD for my puppy?

CBD can be used as a solution to a variety of doggy difficulties. But in puppies, the main issues they may face that CBD can treat are likely anxiety, digestive problems, and frequent seizures. CBD works to strengthen your dog's endocannabinoid system, which regulates many physiological processes within their body. That's why CBD can help with such a wide range of pain points.

CBD reduces anxiety by providing a calming sensation to help your pup cope with everything from separation anxiety to stress caused by fireworks or change. It eases them without making them lethargic, like alternative anxiety solutions. Likewise, CBD benefits digestion by soothing your dog internally. It prevents nausea, reduces inflammation, and calms the digestive tract, so your puppy with a sensitive stomach can feel better quickly!

Lastly, if you've had to witness your puppy experience a seizure, it's something you want to avoid enduring as often as possible. Multiple clinical trials have shown that adding CBD to your dog's daily diet with their typical anti-seizure meds can significantly reduce seizure frequency. On top of that, CBD can help lower the dosage of traditional medication while still lessening the number of seizures your pup endures.

Additional benefits of CBD include pain management, fighting seasonal allergies, stimulating appetite, and promoting general wellness.

What makes CBD safe for puppies?

CBD is all-natural and utterly void of toxic chemicals. Always check labels first, but your puppy's CBD should have very few ingredients and contain only easy-to-understand components. No, natural does not automatically mean safe, but it certainly helps. CBD only fortifies your pup's biological processes and doesn't have the adverse side effects that unfortunately come with most traditional dog medications. In most cases, the worst side effect possible of CBD ingestion is lethargy.

What if my puppy is on other medications?

Another common misconception is that you should avoid giving your pup CBD if they are taking other medications. While we always recommend consulting your vet before combining drugs, CBD can often improve the efficacy of other medicines or allow for a lesser dose of them. For instance, dogs who suffer from arthritis can use CBD to lower their use of NSAIDs, which can cause liver failure. Science has proven similar occurrences with seizure medication and chemotherapy.


CBD is safe for puppies to ingest. It has a variety of benefits that can help your struggling pup live a happier and healthier life. Always consult your vet before introducing your dog to any new medications or substances to ensure that you're making the safest decision.

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