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Natural Alternatives for your Dog's Pain | Pet Standards

  • 4 min read

It’s an unfortunate reality for most pet owners, but we will likely witness our pet dealing with pain at some point in their lives. Dog pain can stem from injuries, illness, or simply from the natural aging process. There are few things more challenging than watching your dog suffer without knowing how to help, so it’s essential to know your options if that time comes.

While there is traditional medication to aid in-pain dogs, often, those medications come with adverse side effects that can become extreme. While medicines like NSAIDs or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be okay for dogs to ingest, in some cases, they cause problems as severe as kidney and liver damage. 

With that said, it’s crucial to know what the natural pain-relieving options are as a dog owner, so you have the choice to avoid traditional medication. In this article, we’ll cover how to know if your pup is in pain, what treatment to avoid, and which all-natural pain-relievers get the job done. 

Signs to look for that your dog is experiencing pain.

Before you even consider using natural or traditional medication to helo your pet, first, you need to know how to read the signs that your dog is experiencing pain. Luckily, they usually make it easy for us to diagnose!

Signs of pain in dogs include:

  • Unusual aggressive behavior
  • Swelling of a body part
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Excessive crying or whining
  • Appetite loss
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Mobility issues

Dogs often show their owners that they are experiencing a medical problem by acting out and engaging in atypical behavior. If your dog misbehaves more than usual, look for other signs that they may be enduring pain.

Even if you think you know the source of your dog’s discomfort, always make a trip to the vet to make sure that no underlying disease or health problem is at play. 

What treatments should you avoid?

Before we deep dive into natural pet pain relief, remember that before administering any medication to your dog, you need to talk with your Vet to make sure that you’re choosing the safest option. If your dog is on other drugs, adding in a new one could cause a reaction and endanger your pet. 

Now, there are some medicines that your veterinarian will hands-down tell you to steer clear of. When you notice your dog’s in pain, your first instinct might be to give them Aleve, Ibuphrohen, or another form of human pain-reliever. While we understand where this train of thought comes from, these medications aren’t designed for canines and could do severe damage. Humans and Dogs are typically very different sizes and weights, so to assure correct dosage, each species needs to stick to drugs explicitly made for them. 

While doing your own research is excellent, always trust your veterinarian to know what kind of medication your dog needs.

Natural Alternatives To Traditional Pet Pain Relievers

Let’s get to the good stuff! Many dog owners look for an all-natural alternative to avoid the nasty possible side effects of traditional pain relievers. Luckily, there are currently solid, chemical-free options that can actually help your dog. Those choices include:

Joint Supplements

One of the leading causes of pain in dogs is arthritis. By the age of eight, 80% of dogs will have started showing signs of arthritis. Joint supplements are a great all-natural way to combat this disease and reduce joint pain. 

Joint supplements work by repairing the worn-down cartilage in your pet’s joints, thus reducing inflammation and stopping pain. The primary type of joint supplement is made with glucosamine, a natural compound already found in a dog’s bone cartilage. Look for glucosamine products fortified with other anti-inflammatories like MSM, chondroitin, or turmeric. 

Like always, make sure to check with your vet before starting your dog on any type of joint supplements. 

CBD or Cannabinoids

CBD is an all-natural extract of the hemp plant. While often mistaken for the cannabis (or marijuana) plant, hemp is not the same. CBD for dogs is entirely void of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, so you don’t have to worry that you’re drugging your dog! Instead, CBD uses its natural anti-inflammatory properties to help your dog cope with discomfort. 

Additionally, CBD may be able to help your dog with other side effects of pain, like anxiety and suppressed appetite. While CBD is relatively new, and so is the research, many dog owners have stated that CBD undeniably works to help their pup manage pain.

The Bottom Line

If your a dog owner looking to avoid using traditional pet pain relievers, there are all-natural options to choose from. Their effectiveness and less severe side effects may make them safer options for your pained pet. But first, it’s important to recognize the signs of distress in your dog and diagnose them with the help of a licensed veterinarian. You and your vet can decide what medicine will best help your pet, keeping safety and effectiveness in mind.

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