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New Study Finds CBD Improves Arthritis Symptoms In Dogs

  • 2 min read

The American Kennel Club, has stated that 20% of dogs across the United States are severely affected by arthritis.

So it's great news that researchers at the Baylor College of Medicinehave found evidence supporting CBDl as a promising source of relief for both dog and human sufferers.

The study, published in the journal, PAIN, focuses on dogs because “the biological characteristics of arthritis in dogs closely resemble those of the human condition,” says corresponding author Dr. Matthew Halpert.

The Studies Conducted

The tests were initially conducted on an infusion cell between the humans and mice cells, after which the trials were conducted on live mice. As observed, they found a considerable reduction in the growth of the inflammatory molecules and related immune cells closely associated with arthritis.

The next step involved in the process was the test on the dogs and CBD's specific use for dogs. The team then took tests on 20 volunteers at the popular Sunset Animal Hospital situated in Houston. While few of the species were given CBD oil for dogs, others were treated differently. Although it was a completely closed and double-blind experiment with neither the doctor nor the owner would know which dog was treated with what sample.

The treatments continued for about four weeks every day, and the observations reported were recorded individually. The observation heads  they focused on were:

  • The change observed in gait or running
  • The change observed in the level of pain
  • And the overall condition of the canine.

The team also drew blood work before and after the trial phase to understand the kidney and liver functions alongside the blood cells' counts.

The Observations 

Dr. Halpert reported that the observations were quite encouraging and that the CBD dogs received a great improvement in their health condition. The reports clearly showed 9 out of 10 dogs benefited from the CBD for dogs, which continued to be effective for two weeks even after they stopped the treatment. No alterations in blood markers were measured, and the treatment was conclusively proved to be safe.

This gives the researchers thorough evidence on the trials' safety and efficiency for CBD for dogs. This also encourages them to move forward with the individual human trials.

How will your dog be benefitted from this study?

Arthritis is an extremely degenerative and painful disease. It can happen to any dog despite every precaution. However, the maximum occurrences are found to be in canines of older age. It is observed that at least 60% of the dogs of 7 years of age and above show some arthritis symptoms.  

Before this experiment, pet parents always relied on the different anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) for giving their beloved pets a little relief from joint pains. These medicines are not safe and can cause severe side effects, including gastrointestinal problems and organ damage.

After the experiment's successful conduction, dog parents can effectively and safely rely on CBD for dogs for such issues. These oils are extremely beneficial in relieving your old pets suffering from further neurological issues without causing any side effects.


If you are a doting dog parent and cannot see your loving furry baby suffering from arthritis pain, consider using CBD. These oils are extremely beneficial and can easily get your beloved pet back in action and get back your lost smile too!


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