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The Healthiest Natural Supplements For Dogs

  • 3 min read

Just like humans, dogs can greatly benefit from natural supplements of all kinds. They can be used to treat a range of health conditions from arthritis to skin allergies. Plus, these supplements are jam packed with all-natural ingredients that make your furry friend feel healthier all around. Here are five of the most common and most effective natural supplements for pets and when to use them!


Glucosamine is one of the most popular supplements for dogs. It’s naturally found in the fluid around the joints that helps build cartilage. It’s often recommended by veterinarians to treat arthritis.  For older dogs, it may relieve joint pain and improve mobility. There is some debate on how effective glucosamine is, but a 2007 study in “The Veterinary Journal” showed that a glucosamine supplement significantly reduced pain and increased mobility after 70 days of treatment. It might not completely solve your pet’s arthritis issues, but it’s possible that it will help them manage aches and become more active. 


Probiotics have grown in popularity recently among humans, and now they are becoming more common for pets too. They specifically aid digestion and improve your dog’s intestinal health. Probiotics already exist naturally in the body as yeast and live bacteria that balance and calm the digestive tract. If your dog struggles with indigestion, diarrhea, or nausea, probiotics can help settle their stomach. 

Probiotics can be taken in several forms like capsules, chews, powders, and in some dog food formulations.


CBD is known to aid anxiety, pain, and many more issues that plague dogs, but it also helps promote homeostasis within your pup’s body. That means that it regulates and stabilizes your pet’s physiological processes.  Even if your dog isn’t struggling with any thing in particular, CBD can support general wellness, so they feel revitalized and at their best.

CBD comes in both oil and flavored chew form to fit your dog’s personal preference. 

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is another popular and effective supplement for pups. It works specifically to target itchy skin caused by allergies, thus improving their coat condition and shine. If your dog is a serial scratcher, fish oil can soothe their epidermis and stop irritation. There has been some research on the benefits of fish oil in dogs with arthritis, but results from studies have proven inconclusive, With that being said, some dog owners have noticed reduced inflammation and improved mobility after implementing it into their dog’s daily diet. 


Antioxidant supplements are used most commonly to reverse or halt adverse signs of aging like cognitive disfunction and memory loss. Best results are achieved over repeated, long term use. Antioxidants have also been shown to help calm inflammation and reduce the symptoms of heart disease in dogs. Although it’s not a cure-all, like most of these supplements, antioxidants can do a lot to help our dog feel overall better and manage certain diseases. 


If you want to take the all-natural approach to your dog’s health, you have a plethora of effective supplements to choose from. Although none of them are a panacea, these supplements will work to improve your pet’s overall health and help them live a happier and healthier life. As with any new introduction to your dog’s diet, always consult with your vet before use. Likewise, make sure that you are using the highest-quality supplements to insure safety and efficacy.

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