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Calm CBD Chews for Dogs

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Our Calm CBD oil chews are the solution to all forms of stress plaguing your pet. Whether your dog needs a long-term solution for anxiety or a quick fix for days that are more stressful than normal, our CBD oil chews will take them from terrified to tranquil in as quickly as an hour. (Plus, they’re delicious too!)

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    Anxiety-free living for your pet

    Pets can be triggered by everything from traveling and moving to loud noises and being left alone! Whether your pet needs help simply finding calm during New Years' Eve fireworks or a long-term solution for separation anxiety, CBD extract drops have you covered. Our Pet Standards ‘Calm’ line is specifically formulated to promote absolute relaxation, tough enough to combat any signs of doggy stress. If you’ve noticed excess panting, crying, or destruction when you leave your pet alone, your pup might need a CBD extract hero!

    Anxiety disappears within as early as an hour!

    When your pet is stressed, we know that they need assistance ASAP! Our CBD  extract will start showing results as early as an hour after ingestion. We know that it's hard for you to watch your fur baby struggle with anxiety, which is why it’s important to us that our CBD extract chews are as quick and efficient as possible.

Why choose Pet Standards CBD Oil Chews?

Will CBD oil chews interfere with my pet’s medication?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Happy dog = Happy mama

Just love this product! My dog loves them too and he seems so much happier. Seeing him calmer and enjoying life is everything to me!

Worked even better than I expected!

Totally chilled out my dog who freaks out when I leave the house. I thought it might make him drowsy, but I haven't noticed any change in alertness. Huge relief, because I wanted to help him but didn't want him to sleep everyday away.

Didn't make my dog sleepy.

I was really worried these would make my dog sleepy and kind of out of it, but they suprisingly didnt, just made her more chill.

Worked like a charm.

First time trying CBD chews for my anxious fur baby, and won't be the last! Worked like a charm.

Tastes good.

Ususally, my dog is picky and will refuse to take medicine if he doesnt like the taste. But he didn't fight me on this one. Noticed less panting and pacing too.

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