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CBD Extract Products

CBD oil is the non-psychoactive compound naturally found in the CBD plant. It will not get your pet high, and it has a multitude of benefits.

All of our products will deliver organic yummy phyto-cannabinoid rich CBD goodness to your pet! The vehicle of transportation, either chews or tincture, is solely up to you!

The chews are great for ease of delivery, and the tincture is excellent for a more specific and controlled dose. The chews are a delicious and affordable way to try the product out to see how it works. Once you are happy with the results, most people turn to the oil.

The drops are more cost-effective and are excellent for multiple dog households; they also works quicker since they can absorb directly into their bloodstream. We never recommend chews if you are trying to treat cancer or tumors due to the carbs and sugars from the oats and molasses.

The short answer is no; our CBD oil products will not get your pet high.

All of our products include only the non-psychoactive part of Cannabis. These products contain 0% THC, Cannabis's primary psychoactive component. Our products are 100% organic and non-toxic. It is not possible for your pet to "overdose" on our CBD oil.

Our products will always be broad-spectrum and organic.

We newly formula is an entirely Broad Spectrum CBD oil to help pets experience CBD extract at its full potential. Our formulation delivers CBD oil, plus additional natural cannabinoids, providing the full benefits of CBD with 0.0% THC just for your pet.

An isolate is an inferior form of CBD extracted so often that only the cannabinoid molecule remains. It is a white crystalline powder and is not nearly as natural as broad-spectrum. These cannabinoid variations do not meet our standards of a whole plant extract grown by farmers we trust.

For quickest absorption, it is best given either sublingually or along the gum line. If your pet doesn't like that method, the second best way is mixed into food or dripped onto a treat. Since our CBD oil is not water-soluble, it won't blend into their water. Or you could try the treats, which can easily be given daily or situationally.

Remember that it often takes time for CBD oil to affect the body positively. While some dog owners may see immediate results after just 1-3 days, others may not see the effects of CBD oil until a full month, or more has passed since the specific condition they're using CBD oil for may take longer to mitigate. Conversely, CBD oil can provide benefits within as quickly as an hour when treating anxiety.


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