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Digest CBD Chews for Dogs

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Pet digestive issues and lack of appetite are no match for our CBD oil. No matter what the cause is of your pet’s stomach problems, our specialized formula provides holistic relief to get your pup feeling good again!

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Certified Organic

Non-GMO & Pesticide Free

Hypoallergenic & Gluten-Free

THC Free

Vet Formulated

Made in the USA


    Say bye-bye to upset stomachs and lack of appetite

    Our Digestion CBD Extract Chews aid digestive issues by calming the digestive tract, reducing inflammation, and increasing appetite. If your pet refuses to eat or repeatedly deals with an upset stomach, CBD extract is the key to settling their belly and allowing them to get back to their adorable, furry selves!

    Fast-acting formula

    We know that your dog eating and feeling good is super important! This is why we provide a formula that can generate results within as early as an hour after ingestion. We guarantee your pet will be happier, and so will you!

Why choose Pet Standards CBD Oil Chews?

Will CBD oil chews interfere with my pet’s medication?

What is the difference between the CBD oil drops and chews?

Are there any possible side effects of CBD oil use?

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

My picky dog loves these and and they help his IBS

Awesome stuff

Sorry ahead of time for how gross this is gonna be! But my 3 year aussie sheppard mix has the loosest stool ever. He and my other dog eat the same dog food and the same treats/chews and yet his stool is soft serve and is the worst smellling thing ever. Just two weeks of one of these CBD chews a day and he is solid just like my other dog. This product is awesome. Will continue to use.

Great stuff!

Truly improved my dog's loose stool problem! He just seems all around like he's feeling better after two weeks of use. I've even noticed an increase in energy! Highly reccomend.

One dog loves, the other won't eat.

So far so good. My dobermann has stomach issues and these drops have helped his stomach settle. My other dog will not eat them, he is very picky.

Easy to use.

Love how easy these are to give to my dog! Don't have to hide them in her food like other medicines. They have really helped her digestion too!

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